Activities for learning

Click on the image to see a video of the activity and PDF to download.

Making Squares

Players take turns drawing a line between two adjacent dots. If a line completes a small square, that player gets the points inside the square, and add it to their running total. The highest total when there are no more squares to make, wins.

Drawing Shapes

Can you draw these shapes without lifting your pencil off the paper or going over any line you have already drawn?

Some of the shapes can be drawn like this, some can not. Can you predict which?

What are these?

Can you work out what is the same, and what is different? A work out for your observation skills.

Four shapes are similar and four shapes are different. What about the last four?

Number Games for Two

A collection of games for two players. Players draw cards, do some maths and place a counter on the board. The first player to make a rectangle of eight counters wins.

Numbers 1 to 100

Students figure out how the numbers 1 to 100 work in other languages. They are then challenged to develop their own number system and write the numbers 1 to 100.

Fraction Squares

A challenge to work out the fraction of each part in collections of squares.  Download the PDF for students to draw on to work out the fractions.

Four Stacks of Two

A challenge to make four stacks of 2 coins from a row of 8 coins, jumping only two coins each time.