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A New Zealand education company turning passive and boring into active and exciting.

Matic Connect

Our latest game is ready for trialing. Games to allow classmates, friends and family to play games together even when they are not in the same room, house or even country. Games for all ages.

iPad Apps

Our Math Slide iPad app has been downloaded 11 million times, all over the world.

We have free apps and apps for Apple’s VPP programme. More are being developed. Watch this space!

Our new website for teachers and students.  Automatically tracks progress, notes small steps in improvement, marks and gives feedback instantly.


Professional learning and development to improve teaching and learning. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable facilitators with a wealth of experience, who will get you thinking. 
We are pleased to offer you free games, problems, puzzles and ideas for projects, you can use in this time of COVID-19 and learning maths from home.

We focus on activities that get kids thinking and figuring things out, with the aim of developing creative problem solvers. Our activities are informed by research, tested and improved with students and leads to deep and useable learning.

We will be adding new activities weekly, each suitable for learning maths at home.

Maths Adventures has developed a variety of iPad apps and digital games. Over 11 million iPad apps have been downloaded and are used all over the world.

Our most popular app is Math Slide, a multiplayer iPad game which has free versions, and versions to be used by schools with Apple’s VPP program.

PLD: Professional Learning and Development for Teachers

Ian Stevens leads Maths Adventures Ltd with enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge and experience. His friendly, non-threatening, approach is welcomed by leaders, teachers & students alike.

Maths Adventures is part of Learning Adventures NZ Ltd, a group  of PLD facilitators across New Zealand.

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Matic has games to play, puzzles, problems to solve, and ideas for projects for students. It is all about helping students improve.

Teachers and parents – the games in Matic progress in small steps, making it possible to track improvement weekly. The level of maths progresses from learning to count, up to, and including, understanding fractions, decimals and percentages.