Fraction Squares

What fraction of the square is each part?

To work out the fraction of each part, draw lines to help your thinking and enable you to see the equal parts or the fractions.

Once you can see the four equal parts, you can name them. The square has 4 equal parts so each part is a fourth, or as we normally say quarters. The shaded part is one of the equal parts, so it is 1 quarter, and the other part of the square has 3 equal parts so it is 3 quarters.


What fraction of the square is each part?

Remember to make each part the same size, then you will know what to call each part, and make sure you name all the parts.

Click on an image below to download a PDF of the three Fraction Squares challenges. Fractions Squares 1 is at a beginning level, Fraction Squares 2 is hard and Fractions Squares 3 is very hard.