Matic Connect Trial

Matic Connect is a collection of games you can play with friends or family when you are not in the same room, house or even country. You start a game and will be given a code. You call or email the person you want to play the game with and give them the code. They enter the code on to the website on their computer and the game will start. You take turns and the first player to make a straight line of 4 counters wins.

Matic Connect is a new game being developed by Maths Adventures. We are up to the stage of development when we need people to play the games so we can see how it works on different computers, operating systems, screen sizes and internet connections, as well as how it works when lots of people play at the same time. Thank you for helping develop Matic Connect by playing these games and giving us some feedback.

  1. Please watch the video which shows you how to play. Click on the word “video” or the image to start the video.










2. To play a game go to the Matic Connect website: . One player needs to be on one computer with the other player on a different computer. For the first time you play a game, it will be helpful to talk to each other via a telephone call or video conference while you are getting started and playing.

We have added an ‘Audio Chat’ feature since we made the video. This will allow players to talk to each other while they play. However, at the moment it does not work with every type of computer or operating system. We are working on this.

3. We would love to hear what you think, as well as any problems or issues you had. Please email me after you have played the game a few times. If you have some suggestions how we could make it better, we would love to hear them as well. Email me at:

Thank you

Ian Stevens

Maths Adventures Ltd