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New coins

New Zealand is getting new coins. On 31 July 2006 the Reserve Bank of New Zealand is issuing new 10 cent, 20 cent and 50 cent coins and starting to phase out the current silver coins.

This section contains activities about the new coins.

What is changing?


A summary of the changes to New Zealand's currency. The things that are staying the same and the things that are different.



Junior primary intergrated activities


Intergrated activities to introduce the new coins to junior primary students.


Maths activities to get students familiar with the new coins


Maths activities getting the students familiar with the new coins and notes that will continue to be used in New Zealand after 31 July 2006. There is a range of activities suitable for all students.

Click on the coins to the right to go to activities at a suitable level. See below.




What is on the new coins?


Activity looking at the images on our notes and coins including recent commemorative coins.


Q & A about the new coins.


The most frequently asked questions about the new coins and New Zealand's currency, plus answers.



The coin symbols to the right of each activity indicate the level of difficilty. A 10 cent coin indicates the activity is suitable for junior primary school students, a 50 cent coin indicates the activity is suitable for senior primary and intermediate school students. 10 cent and 20 cent coins together indicates the activity is suitable for both junior and middle primary students. Please take these indicators as guides only, as most activities can easily be adapted for younger or older students.

Click on one of the questions or the coins on the right to go to the activity.


Print Ready Pages of Coins

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