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Number Games for Two
Number Games for Two is a book of 30 number games for children aged 5 to 8 years old as they learn basic number knowledge, skills and facts. In New Zealand this aligns with the first three years of school, numeracy stages 1 to 5, and levels 1 and 2 of The New Zealand Curriculum.
All games are played using a game board, dice and counters.

Each game practices one piece of number knowledge. Teachers and parents can select games to match the learning needs of children or play the games in order. As the game numbers increase so does the difficulty of the games. The contents page has a brief description of the number knowledge involved in each game and the Game Map shows the connection between games.

The games are designed for two players. This maximizes the amount of thinking and working out and reduces each player’s waiting time before their turn. The first five games involve only one dice with all the other games using two or three dice. The games that use two or three dice have players selecting one or two dice to use. The reason for this is to generate more thinking as they work out the answer for the different dice, as well as allows for strategic thinking and playing as they decide which dice to use.

The games can be used as part of a regular classroom programme, an independent activity, and an assessment activity. The games can also be taken home and used as part of a home activity mathematics programme.

Contact Daniel to order a book. The book cost $48.85 incl gst ($42.48 excl gst) in New Zealand. The cost worldwide is $48 US dollars plus post and packaging.
We are happy to send invoices with the book to NZ schools.

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Download free sample of “Five More Game”
Download free sample of “Groups of Ten Subtract One Game”
Download free sample of “Tens and Ones Game”